Lupus through the Lens

Lupus through the Lens is a photography project created by the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation using photovoice techniques. People with lupus capture, in pictures, what it means to live with lupus. *Click through the photos to read the meaningful captions and to be taken through the slideshow.


5 thoughts on “Lupus through the Lens

  1. I am happy to see these photos as presented through the eyes of people living with “Lupus”.
    I can see clearly that lupus truly damages the body, but not the sprit of creativity.

  2. I am living with Lupus and am Blessed and grateful and would like to say Thank you for such a wonderful site, information and pictures that is shared. Truly wonderful.
    God Bless
    Carroll Smith
    South Africa

  3. I live with Lupus and am finally going to allow a friend (filmmaker,photographer) take some pictures of me, which is a HUGE step because my appearance has been so altered by high doses of Pred. and now recuperating twice from compression fractures.
    Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that Steve Edelstein’s photography spoke to me a great deal. So thanks, Steve, if you read this.

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